"One of the most important areas Donna touched on...was evaluation of the integrity of online sources...Donna's presentation style was enjoyable. She is articulate, well-organized, and has a good sense of humor, all of which make her a good instructor."

- Lynn Mayer, Portland, Oregon

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Your Information Center Website Development


Website Development Basics

Approach your website development or re-design process with a clear understanding of all the elements involved. This workshop is focused primarily on non-technical aspects of a website..

  • Website goals
  • Determining audience needs
  • What makes a website user-friendly
  • Review of the website design and development process

    • Project Management
    • Content: determination, categorization, and creation
    • Information Architecture: site organization and navigation
    • Graphical design
    • Programming
    • Usability testing: why and how
  • Skill sets necessary, and determining where these talents reside.

Applying Website Development Basics

This class will provide an opportunity for small teams to work together, under guidance, to begin the process of a design or redesign of a specific website, or set of webpages. Tasks will include:

  • Determining audience needs and/or strategies for collecting this information
  • Content development and categorization
  • Creation of site structure models: major website sections and the navigation routes between them with due consideration of usability design standards
  • Commentaries on graphics and technical concerns
  • Outlining of appropriate usability testing scenarios
  • Planning for site maintenance

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