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Strategic Decision Support

Planning is everything, or, at least, an essential component of a successful project. Sometimes beginning the discussion about an anticipated project is difficult. Perhaps each team member has a different idea of how to proceed; perhaps no one has an idea how to proceed.

The assistance and guidance of a neutral third party with expertise can often help to start the ball rolling in the correct direction. And, keep it going in the right direction over time should that be needed.

Donna Cohen is gifted at facilitating discussions among key players. She elicits staff concerns, ideas and priorities in a comfortable setting. You may choose to have an individual discussion or brainstorming session and receive a brief summary report. Or, you may decide continued facilitated meetings would be useful. In either event, D. L. Cohen Information Services will help get your information project off to a solid start.

Settings where this service may be of use:

  • You need assistance to establish your initial information goals and strategies.
  • You would like to develop or remodel a public website or intranet.
  • You would like to develop or enhance a virtual and/or physical library or information center.

Strategic Decision Support services are included within many of the client projects.

Last Updated: August 4, 2012
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