Do you need a category list for you website or database? Read "What are taxonomies and why are they so important?"

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Strategic Decision Support

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Your Information Center Website Development
Knowledge Management

Your Library or Information Center

Your organization's ability to manage, and distribute information may be enhanced by establishing or augmenting an information center, research center or virtual library.

An Information Needs Assessment will initially identify which areas of your information environment should be enhanced, restructured or eliminated. D. L. Cohen Information Services has extensive experience in conducting and analyzing qualitative data within information environments.

Recommendations might include:

  • The need for a searchable electronic database or catalog - for many types of internal and/or external documents and resources. Link directly to full-text documents, images and websites.
  • Recommendations for database/cataloging software.
  • Developing a keyword list / taxonomy that will insure targeted results from you database or website [a directory structure].
  • Creating a resource classification scheme.
  • Creating a searchable database of quality, relevant websites.
  • Establishment of, or enhancement to, an organizational website, or Intranet.
  • Licensing of information products such as desktop research databases.

After the assessment, D. L. Cohen Information Services is available to implement those areas for which you would like to move ahead up to and including complete virtual and/or physical library or information center design and development.

Staff training will assist your organization to maintain your information center/virtual library. It is the goal of D. L. Cohen Information Services to give your organization the tools to move ahead independently.

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