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Resources for Website Development

Most of the website development resources are listed in various issues of INFOSCOPE. Please check out the INFOSCOPE newsletter archive for those issues.


Xenu's Link Sleuth
Xenu's Link Sleuth is a wonderful tool for Web designers and developers. It checks a site for broken links, provides a "site map" listing of every URL, and a bonus is that you will receive a quick summary of amount and types of files, files sizes, etc. Thus, Xenu can be used for quick analysis of any site.

Website development guru Jacob Nielsen hosts this site with articles and guidance on how to make your website user-friendly. Author of a number of books on website usability, Nielsen's latest are Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity, and Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed. You'll get a good dose of advice just from reading his website.

Content Resources

ContentBiz.com http://www.contentbiz.com

Writing for the Web - Articles

Writing for the Web by Jacob Nielsen

Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web by John Morkes and Jacob Nielsen describes three studies on how people "see" webpages.

Syndicated Content

Some websites bring in content from external sources. [Imagine AP wire stories that your local newspaper runs.] Types of content range from news to company / market information and also include personalized content. Players here include:

Moreover.com http://www.moreover.com

YellowBrix http://www.yellowbrix.com

The above are fee-based servcies. If you are thinking of transferring content from another website to yours, remember copyright!

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